'Brittany Runs a Marathon,' 'It Chapter Two' and more film openings in Orlando this week

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Bill Skarsgård as Pennywise in 'It Chapter Two'
Bill Skarsgård as Pennywise in 'It Chapter Two' Photo courtesy Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.

Opening Wednesday, Aug. 28: Brittany Runs a Marathon It's been a marathon indeed for actress Jillian Bell, whose TV and movie career up to now has largely consisted of playing supporting characters conveniently named Jillian. In her breakout role, she portrays a 20-something trainwreck who tries to put her life in order by slimming down and getting healthy. But if Brittany succeeds, will she really feel better about herself? Is outward appearance as important as inner character? At the end of the day, that's for the audience to decide, I guess. But I do find it interesting that a Google search will tell you how much weight Bell lost for the film a whole lot quicker than anything she learned doing it. (R; opens Friday at Enzian Theater, Maitland)

It Chapter Two In my mind, I'm pretending this conclusion to the two-part horror saga is actually a mashup of Stephen King's original story and Neil Simon's Chapter Two. Why oh why can't the world ever give me what I really want? Instead, we're all going to have to settle for the final battle between the titular monster and the now grown-up members of the heroic Losers' Club. As opposed to the 700 Club, but there I go writing a better movie again. (R)

Also playing: Bennett's War Sometimes a picture checks all the red-state boxes. Wounded warrior? Check! Failing family farm? Check! Chance at redemption via success as a motocross racer? Check! Just don't tell 'em this thing was filmed in Petaluma, because that place is crawling with commies. (NR; playing at Regal Winter Park Village & RPX and Regal Waterford Lakes and IMAX)

Midsommar Director's Cut Two months ago, Midsommar proved you could eke artsy horror out of a young blond woman's experience with a sinister cultural sect. That was before Ready or Not, which proved you could eke artsy horror out of a young blond woman's experience with a sinister cultural sect. In an effort to remind you who brung you to this dance in the first place, the makers of Midsommar have released an extended cut that features a whopping 24 minutes of previously unseen footage. SPOILER: It's the first 24 minutes of Ready or Not. (NR)

Spider-Man: Far From Home Extended Cut Yes, Virginia, Sony really did think that leaking its contract dispute with Disney would put the public on its side. Biggest case of misreading the room since Jared Kushner told Trump that pardoning Rod Blagojevich would lock up the Democratic vote. But at least now it's easier to boycott an MCU flick and pretend you're punishing Ike Perlmutter. (PG-13)

Tigers Are Not Afraid If you love movies like The Devil's Backbone, you're the declared target audience for this ghost story that's set against the backdrop of Mexico's drug wars. But you only have a couple more days to catch it. So ride like the wind, Christopher Cross! (NR; playing through Thursday, Sept. 5, at Enzian Theater, Maitland)

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