Biggie Smalls' mother and his old pal Sean Combs present 'Biggie: I Got a Story to Tell' on Netflix

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'Biggie: I Got a Story to Tell' debuts Monday, March 1
'Biggie: I Got a Story to Tell' debuts Monday, March 1 Photo courtesy of Netflix

Streaming premieres you won’t want to miss.

Premieres Wednesday:
Ginny & Georgia — From White Oleander to Mom, nothing snags that coveted youth-viewer demographic like reassuring them they're more mature and centered than their mother. The proud tradition of snot-nosed disrespect continues with Ginny & Georgia, a new series whose first 10 episodes find a 15-year-old coping with her 30-year-old mom's inadequacies when they move to a New England town. Complicating things, Ginny's new friends are beguiled by her mother's blond-haired hotness, and her weed habit, and her ... you know what? I'm realizing I'm team Georgia all the way here. (Netflix)

Premieres Thursday:
The Dark and the Wicked — Supernatural evil comes to the fore when a pair of adult siblings arrive at their parents' farm to be present for the death of their father. Matt Zoller Seitz of calls the film "The Discount Shining"; he also notes the recurrence of the phrase "I don't want to talk about it" on the dialogue track, which makes me hope former Orlando mayoral candidate Pat Greene sues for unauthorized appropriation of his classic campaign slogan. Yeah, I got a loooong memory for this kind of shit. (Shudder)

Punky Brewster — I really don't understand what the big deal is about a Saved by the Bell-like revival of Punky Brewster: I mean, we already got to see the Punkster all grown up for years on The Big Bang Theory. Oh, wait! That's Blossom I'm thinking of. My bad. Anyway, if I can keep my '80s sitcom dreck straight for a minute, I'll just mention that the new series finds Punky a single mother of three ... and perhaps a fourth, when she meets an orphan who reminds her a lot of her former self. Hopefully, she can get some parenting help from whatever's become of Jordan Catalano. (Oh, that isn't right either, is it?) (Peacock)

Premieres Friday:
Bigfoot Family — Yes, this is what you've been reduced to: contemplating watching the sequel to a French/Belgian animated flick from three years ago that you don't even remember. The follow-up to Son of Bigfoot finds two generations of Sasquatches fighting to save a nature preserve. Hey, what have you got to lose except an evening, right? It's just too bad the movie isn't being screened under the title it carried when it was released in theaters in Europe last summer: Bigfoot Superstar. Because that sounds like something Todd Haynes would get up to with puppets. (Netflix)

Crazy About Her — In this Spanish-made comedy, a guy gets himself committed to a psychiatric hospital so he can be closer to a patient he just had a one-night stand with. Just what we all needed: a cross between One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest and Joey Ramone's dating history. (Netflix)

Tom & Jerry — That irrepressible scamp Jerry is causing havoc in a hotel on the eve of a big wedding, forcing the owners to turn to Tom for some natural extermination in this feature-length animation/live-action hybrid. Director Tim Story is now known to history as the guy who made only the second- and third-shittiest Fantastic Four flicks, so who knows what greatness awaits? (HBO Max)

Premieres Monday:
Biggie: I Got a Story to Tell — The late Biggie Smalls' mother, Voletta Wallace, and his old pal Sean Combs are among the executive producers of a documentary portrait that you just know is going to be completely clear-eyed and balanced about everything that went down in the life of ol' Notorious. Next month: Suge Knight tells his side of the story in The Aliens Shot First. (Netflix)

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