Turkey takeout for car-confined

Judging by the massive amount of money that fast-food chains rake in, a lot of people consider the drive-through a major dining destination.

I'm not a burger fan, but sometimes you find yourself on a stretch of highway where the closest thing to a waiter's greeting is "Do you want fries with that?" So the hunt for real food in the fast lane has led me to two winning turkey sandwich choices.

Boston Market's most notable quick-pick is the "Turkey Carver," made with tender chunks of rotisserie gobbler on a nicely chewy wheat club roll. And roast-beef king Arby's makes a startlingly good "market fresh sandwich," with slices of turkey that are surprisingly unprocessed, thick hearty wheat bread, Swiss cheese and whole-grain mustard that actually has a kick.

If you gotta eat while you drive, at least eat well.

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