Throwing a barbecue in your car

O'Boys is on the top rack of reliable barbecue joints and it's a homegrown venture too, one that's been around since 1997 in various locations. It's a Best of Orlando veteran, especially for the sweet tea, presented in genuine Southern style – in an oversized plastic cup with lemon and ice for big gulps, and plenty of infused sugar and caffeine to keep the energy flowing.

So there's good news from owners Tom and Chris Granville. There's another O'Boys on Orange Avenue, south of Michigan, along the growing (and garish) stretch of eateries, both chain and independent.

Most important, it's a drive-through. If you've been to the other O'Boys (924 W. Colonial Drive, 407-425-6269; and 610 W. Morse Blvd., Winter Park, 407-478-6269), you know that a quick in-and-out hit is not usually possible. On South Orange, it doesn't matter: heat, rain, no shoes, no shirt, there's no reason to have to leave the air-conditioned car. The atmosphere of the new place is nothing compared to the lushness of the Winter Park spot, with its patio and gardens and parking spots. The Orange stop is about speed.

At a recent visit, during a downpour in 5 o'clock traffic, my order was yelled into the microphone and repeated back correctly, on the first try. There was a friendly crew at the second window to take my money and box up the large sliced-pork sandwiches ($3.89 each) without much of a wait. But I'll be damned if they didn't mess up the order, leaving me to deliver french fries ($1, or $1.69 for two side items) instead of coleslaw to someone waiting in hungry anticipation. If they can get those takeout orders packaged to perfection, they could rule the world. Meanwhile, the sweet tea made it all go down better.

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