Thank You, Internet: Oreo snack hacks and Mad Men mania

Friday's winding down and you know what that means, right? It's time to play "kill the last few hours of the day"! Here are some links that should help:


1. Ever hate your job so much you wanna quit? Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos is offering his unhappy employees the chance to do just that, but he made it even sweeter, cause he'll pay 'em. In his annual shareholder letter, he outlined a new program called "Pay to Quit." Basically, once per year he'll offer employees up to $5,000 to quit their jobs. I guess that's one way of making sure you have a team that really wants to be there.


2. Oreos are pretty delicious milk-dipping treats all on their own, right? The New York Daily News gathered three well-known chefs to take Oreo Cookies to the next level. Their Oreo creations encompassed both the savory (Oreo-crusted chicken tenders) and the sweet (Oreo bread pudding.) One of 'em even came up with an Oreo cocktail! You can see all the deliciousness and get the recipes to make them for yourself here.

click to enlarge 15 best moments from ‘Mad Men’ Season 6
15 best moments from ‘Mad Men’ Season 6

15 best moments from ‘Mad Men’ Season 6

3. You guys, Mad Men starts Sunday. I can't even contain my gid. Not one bit. Last year, we put together a gallery of our favorite moments from season six. If you don't giggle just a bit watching Kenny manically tapdance while high on speed, you may be slightly broken. And last month we celebrated the series' love of chip-and-dip; if you're wondering what to do for your Sunday TV-night snacks, wonder no more.

4. Don't yell at me, but ... more Mad Men! The final season of the AMC stalwart is making its way into the 1970s. Just take a look at the fashions; they are obviously on the cusp of a new decade. (Oh, Harry. That ascot.) Marketing agency Leroy & Clarkson ran with the Mad Men in the '70s theme and released a trailer that puts the ad men (and women) we love smack-dab in the middle of a blaxplotation movie titled Don-O-Mite!


5. A German design studio has created an incredible CGI alphabet. Despite the realistic appearance of all the letters, they only exist virtually. They've done the entire alphabet in food, skin and other matter. Some of them look pretty disturbing, too. Kinda makes me sad I have a "k" in my name.

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