Thank you, Internet: Oreo pancakes and 'Star Wars' Land at Disney

There's some shit going on this Friday: It's a full-mooned Friday the 13 while Mercury is in retrograde. If you wanna escape all that nonsense or, if you just wanna escape the last few hours at work, here are some links we love to get you started:


1. Oreos have almost a cult-like following. People have heated debates centered around the merits of twisting vs. popping, eating whole vs. licking and then crunching, dunked vs. dry. Here's something all Oreo aficionados can easily agree on: Oreo pancakes. Grandbaby Cakes version of Oreo pancakes is easily the best we've seen, with bits of crushed up cookie in the batter and Oreo cream whipped cream between each layer of pancake. And to top it off? Chocolate sauce. Oh! Oh! Oreo, indeed.


2. Did you see Oscar-darling Her? Remember the interactive, almost immersive game that Joaquin Phoenix's character Theodore Twombly played at home? Well, the creator of that game,David O'Reilly,  is releasing for-real game on June 21 called MountainThe game promises about 50 hours of gameplay, all based around a unique mountain created by images the user draws at the outset of the game. The creator of the game calls it a "relax 'em up" and, looking at the screenshots, it does look pretty damn zen.

click to enlarge 10 imaginary attractions we’d like to see at Disney World’s Star Wars Land
10 imaginary attractions we’d like to see at Disney World’s Star Wars Land

10 imaginary attractions we’d like to see at Disney World’s Star Wars Land

3. Earlier this week, Harrison Ford got injured on the set of Star Wars: Episode VII. We didn't let it dampen our excitement about the latest installment of the Star Wars series, though. Since Lucasfilm became Disney, our imaginations have been lit up like an old-timey switchboard with what it could mean for the franchise, including what attractions we'd like to see in Star Wars Land at Disney.


4. File this under things that top the list of awesome: The ScribblePen allows you to draw, either virtually or on paper, in literally any color you can see. The pen works much like the "eye dropper" tool in photoshop: you see a color you like, use the back of the pen to scan it and the ink immediately transforms into that exact color. The makers of the ScribblePen will also be offering the same thing in stylus form, for all you digital artists out there.


5. John Williams (of The Super Ugly, not the famous composer) has gathered art from over 50 different artists and put them into a hardcover book. What sets this book apart from your typical coffee table art book is that all of the art is done on restaurant check pads. You know, the ones they write your order on in your favorite greasy spoon. Williams created a successful Kickstarter campaign for the project last year and, just this week, the book became available for purchase.

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