Tap & Grind may be the most chill little space in the CBD

Tap & Grind may be the most chill little space in the CBD
Photo by Jessica Bryce Young

Tap & Grind
59 W. Central Blvd., 407-455-1100

After work or after hours? After work

Beer/wine or liquor too? Beer and wine

Check all that apply:
☐ fancy cocktails
☐ make 'em strong and keep 'em coming
☒ wine list (5 choices or more)
☒ craft beer
☐ beer: the usual suspects
☒ wide selection of bottles/cans (more than 15)
☒ wide selection on tap (more than 15)

Food? Y ☐ N ☒ But you can bring in food (and Super Rico Colombian Bistro is right next door)

Smoking allowed inside? Y ☐ N ☒

Outside drinking? Y ☒ N ☐

Dog-friendly? Y ☐ N ☒  

Bathrooms: nightmare or not bad? So nice you have to see them to believe them

Bag hooks? Y ☐ N ☒  

TVs? Y ☒ N ☐

What’s on? Surf videos or nature shows

DJs? Y ☐ N ☒

Live music? Y ☐ N ☒

Loud music or background music?Low-key reggae or chillwave

Games? Check all that apply:
☐ pinball
☐ video
☐ pool
☐ darts
☐ other:

Essay question: Why should I drink here?  
Hidden at the bottom of a huge parking structure are two stellar downtown businesses: Super Rico Colombian Bistro and Tap & Grind. (We’ll concern ourselves with Tap & Grind here, but you can also check out our review of Super Rico from June 2014.) The “Tap” part refers to the loads of well-curated craft beer handles lining the wooden bar; the “Grind” might seem to refer to the skate decks hanging on the wall, but actually the bar opened with the intention of offering third-wave coffee along with the beers, a dream that they promise to revisit soon. In the meantime they don’t open until late afternoon, serving beer and several wines from Quantum Leap. This may be the most chill little space in the CBD – a tiny, relaxed, surf-centric room where you’ll get well-informed guidance through the beer menu and feel the day start to slide off your shoulders. Still feeling tensed out? Visit the bathrooms, which are tiled in a dizzying mosaic of inspirational mantras (and flip on the blacklight to hit another level of mellow).

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