Royaltea will introduce cheese tea to Orlando

When Royaltea, a Chinese-based bubble tea chain, opens next to King Bao this summer, they'll introduce one of the trendiest beverages around to Orlando.

Cheese tea.

What the H is cheese tea? you're wondering. If you're thinking a pungent wedge of limburger atop a brew of floral Darjeeling, you'd be a smidge off.

No, it's really just sweet tea topped with a thick, gooey foam fashioned from cream cheese, milk (sometimes condensed) and whipped cream, and it's pushing boba to the fringes of teadom.

click to enlarge L-R: Black tea, oolong tea, and peach oolong tea with cheese - Royaltea
L-R: Black tea, oolong tea, and peach oolong tea with cheese

When drinking cheese tea (sometimes called cheese mousse tea), the idea is to tilt the cup at a 45-degree angle into your yap to get the ideal sweet/salty/cheesy mouthfeel.

Royaltea says each drink is made to order and that they take anywhere from five to 10 minutes to prepare, so waiting is part of the cheese tea experience.

Unlike Royaltea houses in Asia, the Royaltea outpost in Mills 50 won't serve durian milk — a milk tea topped with an equally thick and gooey durian-flavored foam.

Needless to say, #bringtoorlando.

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