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Bars for film buffs

Movies and boozing are perfect companions (especially if that movie is Mirror Mirror … oy). The Florida Film Festival (in full swing April 13-22 and organized by the Enzian) is the local bellwether of quality drinks and cinema, but it and its hangover fairy visit just once a year: not nearly often enough to satisfy our city's glut of alcohol-imbibing film buffs. After FFF ends, there's a handful of local spots that can tide your inner drunk cinephile over until the festival comes around again next year.

WTF Theater at Little Fish Huge Pond

309 E. First Street, Sanford, 407-221-1499;

Every Wednesday at 7 p.m., bar owner Moire “Mo” Wisdom digs through an old box made from bones of former Blockbuster employees until she finds the perfect screener of the week. Granted, the selections tend to be tamer than the “WTF” moniker would suggest (perhaps it just means Wednesday at The Fish?), but the real reason to go is to sit in the dark with a bunch of strangers, enjoy Little Fish's eclectic and cheap beer selections and worry about whether all those weird dolls that decorate the bar are going to come alive and eat you. Next showing is the 1988 Nic Cage wunderbomb, Vampire's Kiss on April 18. Movies Out Loud with Doug Ba'aser and Miss Sammy at Cobb Plaza Cinema Café

155 S. Orange Ave., 407-982-5444;

Mystery Science Theater 3000 is a great soundtrack for plowing through a twelver of PBR at home, but what if you want to be out with, you know, other people? Enter the pretty much awesome (but for that fucking parking garage) Cobb Plaza Cinema Café, playing host every second Thursday to actor Doug Ba'aser and local drag-queen legend Miss Sammy as they hurl insults and innuendo at the cult movie of the month. At the Cinema Café, you can bring a bucket of beer into the theater with you (as God intended!), guaranteeing that the movie and hosts will get funnier as the night goes on (and that you and your audience participation won't). Next showing is Grease 2 on April 12. Bar opens at 7 p.m., show starts at 8 p.m., admission is $10.

Bad Film Appreciation Society at Blank Space 201 E. Central Blvd., 407-481-9001;

Attention, shitty movies: You're getting more attention than you deserve. The Bad Film Appreciation Society specializes in thoughtful (if so tongue-in-cheek that your tongue plunges into another dimension) dissection of movies that, were it not for the BFAS, would never see the light of day. Movies about prurient weight lifters, arch rivals-esque kickboxing/basketball games and college students experimenting in social conservatism – all are forgotten pieces of film student garbage/basement film studio prattle ripe for serious(ish) critique against the backdrop of Blank Space's mind-bending beer selection. Next showing is The Common Denominators, a fake documentary about what jobless people have in common (don't forget to bring your liberal rage!), showing April 21st at 8 p.m., admission is $5.

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