Quick Chinese and then some

Mexican, Caribbean, Cuban, Italian ... for a town with such a large Asian population, aside from some very good sushi downtown Orlando has a decidedly un-Asian accent when it concerns food.

And when it's lunch time, a quick little place serving Thai or Chinese food would come in mighty handy, now, wouldn't it?

It's been tried before, most recently by BoJoo's, which came and went in a heartbeat. Now in that same location is Café Oriental (217 N. Magnolia Ave., 407-839-6200). The menu features some fast, basic Chinese dishes like sweet-and-sour pork or beef and broccoli, but then it adds Thai pepper steak and a very nice sautéed phad Thai, full of peppers and lime juice. Meals are served it in a take-out container so you can bring the leftovers home.

All that at $4.50, including soup ($4.95 for the phad Thai). Pick some up for your co-workers.

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