Pumpkin treats in Dog's patch

Who says you can't find a real pumpkin patch anymore? Take a peek out back at Yellow Dog Eats in Windermere (1236 Hempel Ave.), where owner Fish Morgan just added two dozen pumpkins to the garden behind his popular country deli. OK, so they didn't grow them, but they still look festive.

Combined with roomy patio tables, rambling vines and twisted old oak trees, the pumpkin patch is a fitting backdrop for Morgan's sophisticated deli menu of sandwiches served on artisan breads, dressed with chutneys and sauces.

But this month, desserts get special attention, with people already calling to ask: "Do you have those pumpkin cheesecakes again this year?" Never mind the $32 price tag, fans will drive from across town to pick up the seasonal treats, made with ginger-snap crusts. The in-house pastry chef makes them to order, with two days' notice. Call 296-0609.

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