Our picks of the best Orlando restaurants to heckin' brunch your face off

Brunch punch, dim sum, crab legs and more: These are a few of our favorite things

Our picks of the best Orlando restaurants to heckin' brunch your face off
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click to enlarge Toast at New General - Photo by Lindsey Thompson
Photo by Lindsey Thompson
Toast at New General


New General

Sure they're trendy, but trends become trends because people like them. It might sound like a lighter option, but the toasts at New General are sliced from hefty sourdough boules and piled so high you will almost definitely need a knife and fork. Ricotta, cashew yogurt, sweet potato puree, Nueske bacon, poached eggs, pumpkin seeds, sauteed greens, honey, fruit ... accompanied by skillfully crafted pour-overs and espresso drinks, this toast will be your newest home slice.

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Proper & Wild

Everything here is crafted from non-GMO, organic and local (when possible) produce and there's nary a hydrogenated fat nor an artificial sweetener to be found. But struggle plates these ain't – this is vegetarian decadence. Try the fig and goat cheese flatbread sprinkled with hazelnuts, paired with a glass or two of sparkling rosé, and don't leave without ordering the "big-as-heck cast iron cinnamon roll" for the table.

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Hamburger Mary's

Not a morning person? The easiest way to avoid having to make conversation when your brain's not fully engaged yet is to find someone willing to do it for you. The weekend Broadway Brunch at Hamburger Mary's brings production numbers from the likes of Grease, Les Miz, Barnum and more with hosts Angel Sheridan, Nicky Monet and the Broadway Brunch Bunch dancers. Plus eggs and mimosas!

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Toothsome Chocolate Emporium

Toothsome is famous for their insane(ly expensive) milkshakes, but their brunch menu shouldn't be forgotten, particularly by those who have a sweet tooth the size of Mount Everest. Bananas Foster waffles feature rum sauce, brown sugar and whipped cream, and the Chocolate Brioche S'mores French toast, stacked with graham cracker, chocolate and marshmallow fluff, has our molars smarting already.

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