Orlando plant-based chef Mary Westfall wants to develop a vegan version of Publix’s iconic Pub Sub. Here’s her pitch

A modest proposal

Orlando plant-based chef Mary Westfall wants to develop a vegan version of Publix’s iconic Pub Sub. Here’s her pitch

Dear Publix,

My name is Mary Westfall. I have been a plant-based personal chef to musicians and actors for the past five years. I was constantly on the road cooking and during that time, I would have to look for supermarkets with the best fresh produce and plant-based products in every city we were in. While traveling through Florida on one tour I was introduced to Publix, and would eventually seek it out whenever in the South because it had everything I needed.

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Mary Westfall

Fast-forward to the present day and I have moved to Florida. I couldn't be happier that Publix is now my go-to supermarket. I am part of the community who will always answer "Publix" when asked what the best grocery store is, who love the convenience of Publix, and whose heart is warmed every time an employee asks whether or not I need help to my car.

I quickly fell in love with your store that, along with having the FRIENDLIEST STAFF EVER, is at the forefront of providing plant-based options to its customers. I'm very familiar with your famous Pub Subs as well. Sweet tea and a Pub Sub? Yes, please! The only thing is your vegan options at the deli counter are minimal, so I pass by the deli almost every day wishing you offered a plant-based sub option.

Sure, I could make them myself – but they won't be Pub Subs, and they won't reach as many people with the same issue as you could.

Eating a Pub Sub means something to a lot of people. And I, along with many others, want to be included in that experience. You have the ability to offer these options to more people than I could ever imagine.

With that being said, I would like to help. I want to create a vegan Pub Sub that not only vegans and vegetarians would enjoy, but that everyone can enjoy. I want to develop a recipe for a sandwich you can offer at your supermarkets. I don't want any compensation, just the experience of being able to walk into a Publix and get a Pub Sub just like everyone else.

The convenience and impact this would have on people would be MASSIVE. I'm not here to tell you what to do, but simply offering my services to help you in creating an option for those looking for something a little more than a hummus and veggie wrap.


Mary Westfall

Mary Westfall is a plant-based chef, cookbook author and co-owner of Winter Park Biscuit Co.

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