Orlando McDonalds are now carrying the Chicken McGriddle

Orlando McDonalds are now carrying the Chicken McGriddle
Photo via AndyHall215/Twitter
Further pushing the limits of what people will consider as breakfast food, McDonalds has unveiled the new Chicken McGriddle in select Florida locations.

The new sandwich, which combines a slab of fried chicken on a syrup-flavored bun, was first tested out in Columbus, Ohio, last April, reports Food Beast.  And, well, if people from Ohio will eat it, anyone will.

So far, the general reaction to the Chicken McGriddle has been positive.
According to Spoon University, this limited-time only sandwich is part of McDonalds' all-day breakfast menu.

We're sure more locations will soon start featuring the sandwich, but for now, the McDonalds at 2701 E. Colonial Drive currently has this thing in stock.
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