Organic duckie, you're the one

This is turning into a bad year for food lovers. Can't eat beef, not too sure about chicken, and now British health officials are recommending no more than two servings of salmon a year! It's either time to crack that can of Spam, or grab yourself an organic duck.

Duck Haven Farm in Ocala (6920 NW 35th Ave., 352-867-5593) raises Muscovy and Pekin ducks, and they do it the right way. The birds are free-range ("pasture raised" as David Bryson at the Farm calls it) and grass-fed -- gosh, just like nature!

Duck Haven Farm is what's called a "community supported agriculture" farm, and offers memberships for guaranteed delivery. A center is being built in Citra about 10 miles north of Ocala that will smoke and package the ducks, but for now you can pick up a live bird at the Farm. No antibiotics, no growth hormones and happy duckies ... this is ethical farming at its finest.

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