OLV is closed AGAIN

and Scott Joseph have both reported that the phone number for OLV cafe in SoDo has been disconnected and that the place appeared to have closed again. The last time this happened was back in October, but it reopened again in December.

We drove by last night, and not only was OLV shuttered tight, they left their patio furniture out and even left some of their (very nice, probably expensive) market umbrellas open. Nobody has posted to the cafe's Facebook page in a while, either, and people have been commenting since March 20 that they haven't been able to make reservations for OLV's popular brunch. 

As some of our Facebook followers are commenting, it's kind of sad. OLV was a decent place, even if it is in a not-very-visible location, and it was a good place to meet in the SoDo area for a glass of wine ... it also had some good menu items. Two years ago, I ordered my pies from Thanksgiving from OLV, and we were pretty pleased. Farewell, one more time, OLV. 

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