‘Nightmare on Orange’ Halloween pop-up to take over Courtesy Bar in October

‘I never drink wi … oh what the hell!’ commented Dracula.

Winter Park becomes a little more boozily haunted during 'Nightmare on Orange' - Photo courtesy The Courtesy (ha!)/Facebook
Photo courtesy The Courtesy (ha!)/Facebook
Winter Park becomes a little more boozily haunted during 'Nightmare on Orange'
Well ahead of their annual Miracle on Orange holiday takeover, Courtesy Bar is going all in on spooky season in October with Nightmare on Orange.

In stark contrast to the more traditionally festive Miracle, the Courtesy Bar promises "a Halloween-themed pop-up with decorations, specialty cocktails, and creepiness" showing off the "sinister side" of the establishment. Courtesy has gone all-nightmare before, but never in their present Winter Park digs.

The haunted cocktail program is still TBA, but will be dropped on Courtesy's website presently.

Nightmare on Orange will run from Oct. 4-Oct. 31. Reservations — recommended for parties of four and up — open for the first two weeks on Wednesday, Sept. 27, and the last two weeks on Wednesday, Oct. 11.

The Courtesy Bar is located at 1288 N. Orange Ave. in Winter Park.

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