New Mills 50 bar, Conrad's Shanty, moving into former BART location

New Mills 50 bar, Conrad's Shanty, moving into former BART location
Photo via Colin Morrison
A new drinkin' shanty is coming to Mills 50.

Local commercial realtor Colin Morrison and the squad behind the Gnarly Barley, GB's Bottle Shop and Big Time Street Food are opening a new watering hole in the former BART location in the Mills 50 neighborhood.

Located at 1205 N. Mills Ave., Conrad's Shanty aims to be a good ole drinkin' bar in the drinkiest part of town.  "There's no food, just beer and wine. It's a bar," said Morrison to Orlando Weekly. "It's meant to feel like you're in someone's backyard. We've installed wooden fencing running along the wall, plants, trinkets, and we'll have a large mural from the same artist at GB's and Gnarly Barley."

Unlike BART, Conrad's will have drafts and a TV.

The new bar aims to open by the end of the month, but in the meantime they're hiring bartenders. Send résumés to [email protected].

With the opening of Conrad's, the Mills 50 bar scene has seen a bit of a comeback in recent months, as Wally's also hopes to reopen by February.

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