Man bites dog

Home of the Weenie Wagon
6194 Edgewater Drive


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Hot dogs served outside of Chicago only need three things to be special: savory all-beef dogs, crazy-green relish, and pizzazz. The last item is admittedly nebulous, but can be quantified in the more than 10 different ways a dog is served up at this strip-mall eatery – each one ready to be loaded with freshly sliced tomatoes, pickles, chopped onions, and that wicked glowing relish.

In addition to hot dogs, you can also snag daily specials (ranging from $5 to $7, including fries and a drink), which can sound more like sideshow acts than meals. Gaze upon the potato burger ($6.95 with fries and a drink), its all-beef patty topped with cheese and a healthy (figurative, friends) load of fried hash browns. Behold the pizza puff ($3.50), a thin sheet of dough that’s loaded with tangy marinara, pepperoni and mozzarella, then folded and popped in the deep fryer until it comes out golden brown, sizzling and deadly delicious.

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