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It's clear the moment you walk through the doors of this renovated Taco Bell that the owners of the Green Day Café don't want you to be an American idiot, at least insofar as your diet and the environment are concerned. In an effort to capitalize on the whole green movement, the biodegradable cups and utensils are made from corn and sugar cane, but don't bother biting into them — the food here, much of it organic, is decent enough.

The green walls may not be appetite-inducing (red, studies have shown, elicits the proper subconscious effect), but a sip of the mushroom-Brie soup ($2.69) does enough whetting to seek further satisfaction in a wrap ($5.99). Patrons can opt to "global-warm" them on a grill, or make them "green" by leaving out the sauce and cheese.

The latter really isn't an option when ordering the holy guacamole wrap, layered with spring mix, guac, hummus, cuke, tomato and red onion, and the sauce is central to the Buffalo chicken wrap, so there's really no point going green with this one either. A side of broccoli crunch, a slaw flecked with sunflower seeds and subtly sweetened with raisins, nearly upstages the wraps with its vigor, but if it's vigor you want, look no further than the frozen Via Blast ($4.89). The high-antioxidant, nutrient-rich energy drink will have you bounding out the very doors you walked in through and zipping down the boulevard of broken dreams.

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