Five days until Thanksgiving: What beverages go best with turkey and family fights?

We're just five days away! You're probably doing the big Thanksgiving shopping trip this weekend (UGH); might as well swing by the liquor store too. Not because you'll need an immediate stiff drink after fighting the hordes at Publix (well, that too), but because you are probably going to want to give your guests something to drink besides gravy. Here you go: five beverages best suited to turkey/turkeys.

Wine is the obvious, the usual, the thing everyone expects. Luckily, turkey is pretty easy to pair with whatever, because it has no overwhelming flavor of its own, as pointed out in this article over at Bon Appetit – red, white, or bubbly, they've got you covered with a solid list of bottle suggestions.

Beer is also a thing that people drink at Thanksgiving. If your uncle is bound and determined to bring his Miller Lite to the table, then really all you can do is buy him a zippered neoprene coozie with a picture of a naked lady on it and OH BLESS HOLIDAYS! But if you're looking for some suggestions of craft beers that go nicely with the old bird-and-spuds, you can't go wrong with Randy Mosher's list of Thanksgiving beer pairings at Maybe someone will try something new for once.

You know that feeling you feel after you've eaten all the meat and the butter and the starch? When your belly is fighting the button on your waistband, and the belly's going to win? Fancy people (and Europeans) don't worry about that; they just ask for a digestif, which is a form of magical thinking in which you convince yourself that a tiny glass of something very strong and bitter will "cut through" all the fat you just ate and help your liver process it better. (On Thanksgiving your liver thinks you're a fool, by the way.) Learn more about digestifs here, because I don't care what your damn liver says, port and Chartreuse and Calvados are freaking delicious.

On the off chance you are doing a friendsgiving and this whole thing is more of a party atmo, mix a pitcherful of cocktails ahead of time. Just Google "pitcher drinks" and you'll find about a kajillion recipes (this apple-and-pomegranate sangria from The Kitchn looks nice), or if you have a drink in mind, read this tutorial from Serious Eats on how to mix batch cocktails.

Want something non-alcoholic but seasonally festive? This Asian pear & rosemary mocktail is tasty and special without being overly complicated.


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