Consider this scenario: You're riding through Napa Valley in a convertible, surrounded by a cool, dry breeze as the sun sinks into late afternoon. Permeating the air is the thrilling smell of charred oak and aged fruit, like you've sunk yourself into a wine cask. In the distance, you see rolling hills, layered with green grapevines and almond trees. Suddenly, there's a sign next to a cherry tree that reads, "Apiary – Fresh Honey Ahead." You grab your lover's hand (because of course your lover is sitting next to you) and beckon him/her to pull over for a spontaneous treat.

Roses are swell. Cards are sweet. But if you really want to get to someone this Valentine's Day, why not try going the way of the ancients with a good old aphrodisiac? And I'm not talking oysters. Oysters are great, really, they are. But Lee and Rick's is not exactly a romantic getaway, is it?

For a romantic getaway that skips the bothersome getting-away-from-it-all part, visit, instead. Here, Napa Valley foodie and sensual cuisine expert Amy Reiley seduces the public with her Aphrodisiac of the Month club. To sign up for this sexy experience, fork over $39 per month in exchange for a delivery of – you guessed it – an aphrodisiac food or ingredient, complete with history, recipes and instructions.

Didn't know that roasted coffee is an aphrodisiac? Or chili peppers? What about cherries, honey and almonds? Learn about a world of aphrodisiacs with Reiley's hand-picked, artisanal delights. Watch out, though. After trying her recommendations, the ingredients might not be the only thing hand-picked this Valentine's Day.


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