Hell-bent on watching the Nov. 2 election returns on TV, even if it turns into an all-nighter? Make a party of it and stock up on booze and friends – and Republicans, if you have a taste for blood. Here are a few appropriate and inappropriate drinks* to down like there's no tomorrow.

Burning Bush
3 ounces tequila, Tabasco Sauce
Pour tequila into a rocks glass and add Tabasco until pink.

The Proud Donkey
3 ounces peach vodka, 2 ounces cranberry iced tea
Pour on the rocks and stir; garnish with a twist.

Big John's Margarita
5 ounces triple sec, 4 ounces tequila, 12 1/2 ounces of mango juice, 1 1/2 cups of unsweetened strawberries (fresh or frozen)
In blender, slowly mix in order ice, strawberries, tequila, triple sec and juice, then whip into a frenzy.

John's the Bomb
1 1/2 ounces tequila, 1/2 ounce Benedictine, orange, cinnamon
Pour well-chilled tequila and Benedictine into a shot glass and serve with an orange slice sprinkled with cinnamon.

Florida Bushwacker
1/2 ounce Malibu rum, 1 ounce light rum, 1 ounce dark crème de cacao, 1 ounce Cointreau, 3 ounces milk, 1 ounce coconut liqueur, 1 cup vanilla ice cream
Combine ingredients in order in a chilled blender and mix until smooth; garnish with chocolate shavings and serve immediately.

Hot Creamed Bush
1 shot Irish whiskey, 3/4 shot Baileys Irish Cream, hot coffee
Combine in a coffee cup and stir.

The Cheater
3 ounces of both tomato and pineapple juices, dash lemon juice
Combine and strain over ice.

Spawn of Satan
1/2 ounce each of Irish whiskey, Jack Daniel's whiskey, Jägermeister and Goldschlager
Layer, in order, in a shot glass.

*Some names and ingredients were modified to suit the occasion.

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