Despite the upscale vibe, Omelet Bar isn't here to break the bank

Despite the upscale vibe, Omelet Bar isn't here to break the bank

Omelet Bar

Before we get started, let's have a very short vocabulary lesson to help you better understand Omelet Bar: Hidden gem (n.)—something extraordinary that few people know about.

We told you it would be short.

When thinking of food in the University of Central Florida area, one may think "chains" and "bar grub," but with the emergence of Omelet Bar there's finally hope for students and East Orlando residents. Finally, you don't have to go all the way to Downtown Orlando or Winter Park to get a nice brunch in a clean, fresh environment. With its sophisticated and warm décor, Omelet Bar is your go-to place when you want to impress the parents or splurge a little when Top Ramen starts to get boring.

All great brunches start with great libations, and there's no shortage of those at Omelet Bar. The cocktails here are a perfect balance of refreshing, boozy and gorgeous in presentation. Case in point: the Beachfront Bellini, a prosecco-based cocktail that's like a mimosa if it went to the gym twice a day, every day. It may be mighty, but that doesn't take away from the Beachfront Bellini's revitalizing taste. It does have competition when it comes to refreshing drinks, though. The Spiked Arnold Palmer is just what you need whether you're starting your day fresh or biting the hair of the dog. The Arnold Palmer is already a delicious concoction, but with an added kick of liquor it gets all the more addicting. Watch yourself on this one. This ain't your grandma's iced tea.

There's so much variety on their cocktail menu, so don't just stop with those two. Omelet Bar certainly knows their audience and location with college-aged crowd pleasers like the More S'mores Pwease and the #ShameOnYouMojito. In fact, more than a few of their menu items use a hashtag for a name, a trend which Omelet Bar prides itself on. The More S'mores and Mojito deviate a little from the Arnold Palmer's freshness, but they're full of flavor and have just the right amount of sweetness.

The folks at Omelet Bar just plain old love the heck out of brunch, and that passion is more than evident with their menu. At most brunch spots, you have to make an executive decision between a few tasty dishes, but at Omelet Bar they've got a Chicken and Waffle Flight that comes with three totally different and unique varieties: plain with housemade gravy, Cherrywood Bacon and smoked cheddar, and raspberry butter with bourbon syrup.

Omelet Bar also doesn't limit itself to brunch usuals with its brilliant inclusion of a New Orleans favorite—the beignet. The raspberry syrup accompanying the beignets is all the proof you need that Omelet Bar is a master in the art of cooking with fresh fruits. But their true bread and butter are the omelets. That is their namesake, after all. They have an Omelet Bar (har-har) for you to build your own omelet, and while there's a ton of specialization with this option, the omelets on the menu are not to be neglected. The Bostonian Omelet is an indomitable combination of three eggs, lobster, pepper jack, mushrooms, diced tomatoes, red onions and as if that's not enough, it gets doused in a lobster bisque for the finishing touch. If lobster isn't your vibe, then the Rancher Omelet with three eggs, pepperoni, ham, sausage, smoked cheddar, spinach, black beans and red onions might pique your interest.

Despite their upscale vibe, Omelet Bar isn't here to break your bank. You'll be hard-pressed to find a dish over $12. They even break brunch tradition with most of their libations coming in around $6. Gone are the days when you had to put in a second mortgage for a pitcher of mimosas!

ADDRESS: 11250 Strategy Boulevard, Suite 401

PHONE: 407-704-1597


PARKING: Private lot, street parking

RESERVATIONS: Walk-ins only

AVERAGE WAIT TIME: Barely any wait before noon

ALCOHOL: Full bar, wine by the bottle, beer, cocktails



CAFFEINE: Well-endowed coffee menu, tea, hot chocolate

VEGETARIAN/VEGAN: Vegetarian-friendly




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