Cuban standbys for the veggie set

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Vegetarians, whether they've chosen to abstain from meat for health or ethical reasons, sometimes go through moments when they feel somehow ... deprived, like they've lost something. "I sure do miss ribs," a friend said recently.

One creation that is always tempting is a toasty, crunchy Cuban sandwich. And Rincon Criollo (331 N. Orange Ave.; 407-872-1128) can satisfy that yearning with a nonmeat solution.

This is where you can get veggie Cubanos, "sirloinless" tips, vegetarian dinners and the odd BLT, hold the "B." If you don't look at the rather pale meat substitute, it tastes pretty good. Make no mistake, they also serve the real thing, including daily $5.95 specials like "ropa vieja" and Cuban pot roast. Grab one of the unique smoothies, like "Livin' la Vida Lavazza," a thick shake of banana, frozen yogurt and Cuban coffee.

Vegitaristas unite!

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