Cloak and Blaster gives you a +1 to all saving throws vs. sobriety

Bar Exam: the what, where and why of Orlando bars

Cloak and Blaster gives you a +1 to all saving throws vs. sobriety
Photo by OW staff

Cloak and Blaster

875 Woodbury Road, 407-674-7435,

After work or after hours?
After work

Beer/wine or liquor too?

Check all that apply:
(  ) fancy cocktails
(  ) make ’em strong and keep ’em coming
(  ) wine list (5 choices or more)
(X) craft beer
(  ) beer: the usual suspects
(X) wide selection of bottles (more than 15)
(X) wide selection on tap (more than 15)

(X) Y
(  ) N  
Full menu, all geeky-themed (The One Ring Burger, Boba Feta Salad, etc.)

Smoking allowed?  
(  ) Y
(X) N

Outside drinking:
(  ) Y
(X) N

(  ) Y
(X) N

Bathrooms: nightmare or not bad?
Not bad, with little Easter eggs throughout (look out for Moaning Myrtle).

(X) Y
(  ) N  

What’s on?
Sci-fi and fantasy movies, plus video games

(  ) Y
(X) N

Loud music or background music?  
Background; you’ll probably hear music from your favorite video game or fantasy movie.

Games? Check all that apply:
(  ) pinball
(  ) video
(  ) pool
(  ) darts
(  ) shuffleboard
(X) other: A huge-ass bookcase filled with with so many board and card games

Essay question: Why should I drink here?       
When you step into Cloak and Blaster, you’ll forget you’re in a Waterford Lakes strip mall: It feels like a cross between a Middle-Earth tavern and the Great Hall at Hogwarts. A creative menu of beer-based “cocktails” (the “Wolf Bite” is the prettiest and tastiest), tons of table space for gaming and a decent selection of beer and cider means you’ve found your geeky home.

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