Chopsticking to the subject

"Siu Siu" isn't an exotic delicacy, but she might show you how to make one. Born in the Fujian Province of China, on the coast in the southeastern region of the country, Siu Siu has been in Florida since 1971 ("practically a native," she says). On Oct. 22 (and again in January), her multiregion course on Chinese cooking begins at Winter Park Technical Center on Webster Road.

Siu started teaching in 1974, and each year the classes get a little more popular, currently totalling 170 students in three classes a day, four days a week.

The full nine-week course only costs about $100, including all the recipes and food. "Class includes cooking, eating and cleaning up," Siu says. "If you mess up the kitchen, you clean up the kitchen!" If she's as funny in class as she is on the phone, it's going to be a good time. Call 407-622-2900, ext. 2282 for details. Huan yin!

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