Bring to Orlando: All-black "Ninja Dogs" at IKEA Japan

Of all of the weird viral (in the internet sense) foods we've seen come out of Japanese culinary culture lately – ramen burgers, water cake – this is one bad dog.

We can only imagine that the brains behind the IKEA Japan team must have seen Burger King's black Halloween Whopper and got a little jealous (we'd say "green with envy," but that joke seems in poor taste). Or maybe this is a rogue reaction to the rainbow food trend

This black hot dog with black bun is colored with charcoal, like the other black foods we've seen, and topped with ketchup and mustard, which is weirdly normal and will maybe help Japanese IKEA patrons get over the gothic meat tube they're about to consume. 

IKEA Orlando has been outfitted with a Swedish candy bar for some time now, so we think it's time to shake up our cafe menu with a couple of new options. Ninja Dog, anyone?
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