Abundant Asian in United nations

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Recently I witnessed a guy standing in between two of the hot tables at United Buffet (4000 E. Colonial Drive, 407-228-2899). He had an empty plate in his hand and a look of bemused bewilderment on his face.

"Look at this," he laughed. "Pizza, sushi and egg foo yung, all right next to each other!"

United Buffet is a very funny place. First it was Quincy's, and then Busy Bee Buffet, so that whole vestigial "eat until you burst" energy is apparently built in. You can't help it, so why fight it? The concept of endless plates of ribs, kung pao chicken, and macaroni and cheese blocks out any thought of moderation.

On the whole, United's food is better than most buffet tables, with Chinese, Japanese and Vietnamese dishes, crab legs on the weekend, ice cream -- more than 100 items, all for $10.99 or less, lunch for $5.95. Can you say "pig out"?

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