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Best Reawakening to the Joys of the Outdoors: Every Public Park in Orlando

Best Reawakening to the Joys of the Outdoors

Every Public Park in Orlando

For those of us who may not always take advantage of sun and such, rediscovering the natural world has been an oasis of serenity throughout the pandemic. Want to check in and say hi to friends in a neutral spot? See you at the park. Want to talk about a work idea? Think outside the box and convene at a park. Picnic? Park. Pet walk? Park. The cast of The Bacchae needs a space to do a socially distanced rehearsal? You guessed it, a park (Greenwood Urban Wetlands, to be exact). Our personal favorites are shady Dickson Azalea and the aforementioned Greenwood – and its adjoining cemetery – but really it's a full-on tie for first among all of them. Shout-out to the City of Orlando Parks Division and the Orange County Parks department.