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Best Local Livestream: TIE! StayHome Fest and Accidental Music Festival

Best Local Livestream

TIE! StayHome Fest and Accidental Music Festival

From the moment live venues closed their doors here in March, Jessica Pawli and her Southern Fried Sunday family jumped into action with five weeks of streaming all-day Sunday events collectively known as #StayHome Fest. Heavy on locals but featuring familiar faces from all over the country, this was both a showcase of the best in regional Americana, roots and country music and an important gesture in keeping the SFS extended family connected while isolated. Meanwhile, Timucua Arts Foundation revived their Accidental Music Festival online on YouTube and it was an absolute powerhouse. Elizabeth A. Baker weaving alchemical soundscapes outdoors and M. Lamar exuding Diamanda Galas-esque gothic grandeur were absolutely jaw-dropping, among other heavyweights local and worldwide.