Best Of 2020

Best Bottled Cocktails: Sunroom

Best Bottled Cocktails


Times really are tougher-than-tough for our bars right now. Mandated shutdowns plus lack of governmental support – in the form of livable unemployment aid for employees and real help for small businesses, not this farce of untraceable PPP dollars – means people are circling the drain financially, not to mention emotionally. We're awarding the Best of Orlando crown to the Sunroom's bottled cocktails because they really are the best of all the ones we've tried (toodle-oo, Spicy Boys, and you too, frozen hurricanes!) and not only are the drinks tasty, the bottles are pretty to look at and maybe pop a plant cutting into after you've drained them. But no matter where you shop, folks, please help out these the bars that work so hard to create and support Orlando's many social scenes.