Best Of 2020

Best Porchraits: Matt Keller Lehman's 'Social Distancing at 85mm' series

Best Porchraits

Matt Keller Lehman's 'Social Distancing at 85mm' series

As we spent the first months of the quarantine sternly admonishing you to "stay at home, stay at home" like a broken record, we became aware of a gnawing need to see fellow humans. We weren't alone. Orlando Weekly photographer Matt Keller Lehman was eager to do a porch portrait series, interviewing and photographing Orlandoans in lockdown, and we quickly compiled a list of just a few near and dear to our collective hearts. Seeing these portraits and reading their words made them seem closer and infinitely farther away at the same time. But that's life for the moment. We're still locked down, but we hope to see you all again someday soon.