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Best Let's Get Lost: Interpol at Hard Rock Live

Best Let's Get Lost

Interpol at Hard Rock Live

May 11, 2019

As post-punk stars Interpol prepared to take the stage at the Hard Rock Live for a long-awaited Orlando return, the anticipation in the packed house was palpable. Here was a band that had soundtracked a good portion of the audience's highest highs and lowest lows for nearly two decades, from the middle-aged white guy in the tour T-shirt to the 20-something daughter of immigrants with the dangerously large hoop earrings. Watching the legendary band on the Hard Rock's stage was an out-of-body experience for us; they were as exact as they were hypnotic, carrying us away to places deeply familiar and completely unknown. The audience, as one, got lost and then found in the band's alluringly dark sound.