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Best Did a Shoe Just Fly by My Head?
Photo by Matthew Moyer

Le Trash Can's meltdown at Grumpy's Underground Lounge

April 19, 2019

It had been an intense tour that included a triumphant set at New York's Ende Tymes but also the disappearance of his tourmate, so by the time Le Trash Can's Manu Armida arrived in the City Beautiful, the Mexican noise ambassador was all raw nerves. In an intense and brief set, Armida rampaged all over Grumpy's, front to back. The final glorious flame-out saw Armida throwing his shoes, socks and cap into the audience, then climbing the support beam holding the PA where he suspended himself, dangling like a rag doll in midair, as the distortion and screech slowly and elegantly subsided. It was one of the most eye-popping things we've seen this year.

Music & Nightlife: Best of Orlando 2019: The best in local bars, clubs, bands, DJs and more

Music & Nightlife: Best of Orlando 2019

Photo illustration by Adam McCabe

Music & Nightlife

Best Bar

1. Will's Pub,

2. Mathers Social Gathering,

3. Tanqueray's,

Best Bar Patio

1. The Hammered Lamb,

2. Eden Bar,

3. The Porch,

Best Bar to Play Pool

1. Sportstown,

2. Spatz,

3. The Matador,

Best Bartender

1. Robbie Kennerney, Throwbacks Sanford

2. Dave Merkli, Tanqueray's

3. Big Rick, The Thirsty Topher

Best Club DJ

1. Angel of Boom,

2. Mango Beats,

3. (tie) DJ BMF,

3. (tie) Dizzlephunk,

Best Club Night

1. '80s New Wave Night at Independent Bar

2. Mac n Cheese at Independent Bar

3. Girl the Party at Southern Nights

Best Country Act

1. Sean Holcomb,

2. Layla Brisbois,

3. Oak Hill Drifters,

Best Cover Band

1. Hayfire,

2. Audio Exchange,

3. Rockit Fly,

Best Craft Beer Bar

1. Crooked Can Brewing Co.,

2. Redlight Redlight,

3. Hourglass Brewing,