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Best New Version of Olan Mills: Wall Crawl

Wall Crawl

1016 W. Church St.,

Now that giant department stores like Sears and Kmart – formerly home to Olan Mills photo studios – are crumbling, where's a family to go for that well-lit, professionally shot yet affordably priced annual portrait? You probably expected us to grouch about Wall Crawl as a monument to millennial narcissism and the erosion of public life in the age of the selfie – or maybe you thought we'd use the G-word regarding the Parramore location. But we choose to see it as a fresh new business that's employing local artists, while providing an actual service worth paying for. Maybe you're looking for a place to shoot photos for your own business; maybe you need that family holiday card snapshot, or maybe you are in fact a narcissistic millennial. Who cares? Bring your own avocado toast and have a super fun day out.