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Best Bizarre Love Triangle: Queenie and her two suitors

Best Bizarre Love Triangle

Queenie and her two suitors

Lake Eola Park;

If you ever needed a cautionary tale about matchmaking, this is it. The story goes like this: One of Lake Eola's mated pair of black-necked swans died five years ago, and Orlando resident Shawn Pennington thought that his widow, Queenie, seemed lonely. So he and City Commissioner Patty Sheehan worked together to find her a new mate. They bought two male black-necked swans, so Queenie could have her choice of new boyfriend – but then one of her suitors died in July, leaving Queenie and Big Boy, the remaining male swan, in an awkward set-up situation. Then, in a plot twist worthy of a reality show (The Birdchelorette?), a necropsy revealed that the dead swan was actually female. We're still waiting to see if Queenie and Big Boy end up billing and cooing after all.