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Best Thing You'll Put in Your Mouth This Year: Okayama hotate at Kabooki Sushi Sand Lake

The sweet Okayama hotate is on the back of the plate

Okayama hotate at Kabooki Sushi Sand Lake

7705 Turkey Lake Road,

It's no secret Kabooki Sushi's Henry Moso has mad omakase game, and over at his new Sand Lake stunner, he's offering a dish that's – seriously – borderline orgasmic. If the image of a sweet Okayama hotate (scallop) floating in a green-apple aguachile, capped with watermelon pearls and beatified with a yuzu sunomono salad, gets your senses racing, eating it will leave you shaken, stirred and begging for more. It's offered in the opening rounds of an omakase, but Moso will serve it as a special menu item on occasion.