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Best We Told You So: Kristen Arnett conquers the literary world

Best We Told You So

Kristen Arnett conquers the literary world

Kristen Arnett – our longtime pick for funniest local librarian on Twitter, and conductor of our favorite (maybe only) book release party in a 7-Eleven – released her debut novel, Mostly Dead Things (Tin House Books), in June of this year. The response to the novel – about a Florida lesbian taking over her family's taxidermy business after her father's suicide – has been nothing short of stellar. It's become a New York Times bestseller, been featured on summer reading lists in media outlets from Entertainment Weekly to Vanity Fair, and even got Arnett invited to appear on NPR and on PBS' Amanpour & Co. Arnett recently tweeted about signing a "bigass writing contract" in her car in front of her childhood home and was retweeted by none other than (presumable fan) Stephen Goddamn King. Arnett's charmingly understated response: "oh man thank you buddy." See, we told you so.