Best Of 2019

Best Sneaking Culture Into the Subculture:

Best Sneaking Culture Into the Subculture is a 17-member chamber orchestra devoted to playing new music by living composers. Oh, and no big deal, but they're also "striving to build a more thoughtful, open and diverse society through contemporary classical music." So, you know, #goals. Founded by Natalie Grata and Beatriz Ramirez, both young woodwind-playing women, Alterity has presented more than a dozen concerts, become Timucua's first ensemble-in-residence, commissioned four new compositions, and shown hundreds of locals what classical music can be, if you drop your preconceived notions. And the spark of an idea took flame at a show at Will's Pub, a genesis story that's reflected in the youth of not just the composers whose work they interpret, but audiences as well. They bit off a lot when they launched this project, and they're clearly hungry for more. As are we.