Best Of 2018

Best Really Big Band: Sixty guitars celebrate 60 years of Patrick Greene

Christopher Belt conducts the 60-Guitar Orchestra

Sixty guitars celebrate 60 years of Patrick Greene

Gallery at Avalon Island, Jan. 13, 2018

The 60-person Guitar Orchestra was an event comparable to Art Kane's classic "A Great Day in Harlem" photograph. On a cold Saturday morning in January, a small army of guitar-packing locals assembled at the Gallery at Avalon Island to celebrate the 60th birthday of Patrick Greene, the gallery's director. What unfolded was a great moment of communal music-making from the greater creative community at large: members of Obliterati, the New Sam Rivers Rivbea Orchestra, Tiger Fawn, Moon Jelly, Robotman, Steve Garron, Absolute Fantasy, Lush Agave, the Legendary JC's, Benoit Glazer, Acoqui, and a number of writers, visual artists and organizers, all under the calm and patient direction of conductor-composer Chris Belt. The experience of the music was as ethereal as the chilly morning. Big-city and fun. A great day in Orlando, indeed.