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Best Fog Machine and Soft Weeping: Soft Kill/Choir Boy at Will's Pub

Choir Boy

Soft Kill/Choir Boy at Will's Pub

Saturday, March 10, 2018

For those who favor Joy Division shirts and unseasonable trenchcoats, this double bill of Chicago's Soft Kill and Salt Lake City's Choir Boy was the hot (cold?) ticket of the year. They showed up in force, largely through word-of-mouth buzz about these two formidable post-punk forces, and the bands brought the melancholy in spades. Choir Boy's set was like an angelic haze centered around the unique falsetto of vocalist Adam Klopp, riding a wave of opiated pop grooves. Soft Kill, on the other hand, was a force of propulsive nature, obscured by a row of headlights and a brutally effective fog machine. The sound was crisp and clear and minimal, and frontman Tobias Grave flew in the face of goth aesthetics with an outfit that he scored partially at International Drive's best sportwear outlets that day.