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Best Reason to Go Solar: Duke Energy fucks up Hurricane Irma response

Best Reason to Go Solar

Duke Energy fucks up Hurricane Irma response

Hey, remember when Hurricane Irma blew through town after more than a week of hype over it being one of the strongest hurricanes ever? You'd think that would mean that energy companies like Duke and FPL would make extensive preparations for the inevitable damage to the power grid. But you are not a corporation only concerned with profit. The storm left millions of people without power, but Duke's slow response – coupled with their habit of promising power would be on by a certain time and not fulfilling that promise – is where most of the anger was pointed. To add insult to injury, Duke even tried to get approval for rate increases on its customers to pay for losses that were largely the result of their unpreparedness. Never mind that the last time they got approval for rate increases to build a nuclear power plant in Levy County, they never bothered to build it and just pocketed the extra money. As hurricane season begins again, that Tesla Powerwall is looking pretty attractive.