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Best Plant Whisperers: Till Plant Co

Best Plant Whisperers

Till Plant Co.

The media claims that millennials are "obsessed" with houseplants. That may be true, or it may be just another internet take™, but there's no denying that potted plants are big right now, and the excellent humans of Till Plant Co. are here to serve all your newbie needs. Their cute pink trailer pops up around town (often outside Lil Indies) selling plants and accessories, but their Facebook page is also a trove of good information for those of us still working on keeping our new pals alive. Did you know that when someone says a plant doesn't need much water, "what they probably meant to say was it 'doesn't need much watering,' referring to the frequency of watering. Because, when you water a plant, whether a succulent or a fern, it should always be done thoroughly"? We did not know that, and it might explain the state of this sad little shriveled greenish thing on our desk.