Best Of 2018

Best Use of $15

Chela's AYCE Taco Tuesdays

The past few years have seen the Orlando dining scene inundated with tacos – "artisan" tacos, "authentic" tacos, "American" tacos and every conceivable iteration in between, giving credence to the fringe scientific school of thought known as "peak taco." But those who still can't get enough of the tasty little hand-food found a haven at downtown's Chela Tequila & Tacos when the owners announced that Taco Tuesday would feature an all-you-can-eat taco option for a mere $15. In order to prevent people from overdosing on chorizo-potato, mushroom-poblano and other varieties of taco – and probably to prevent food waste, too – orders are limited to three tacos for the first order, two for the second and a la carte afterward. But if you arrive with a little determination and luck into a rare slow night for the kitchen, you could easily disprove "peak taco" by your damn self.

Food and Drink: Orlando's best coffee shops, restaurants, food trucks and more

Food and Drink
Best Bakery

1. Valhalla Bakery,

2. Se7en Bites,

3. Buttermilk Bakery,

Best Barbecue Restaurant

1. 4 Rivers Smokehouse,

2. Pig Floyd's Urban Barbakoa,

3. Bubbalou's Bodacious BBQ,

Best Beer for Bands

Namesake beers for local bands at Ten10 Fest

Live music at a brewery isn't exactly a new concept, but Ten10 Brewing Co. on Virginia Drive went a step beyond for their Ten10 Fest this past October. In addition to inviting 10 mostly local bands to throw an all-day hootenanny in their back parking lot, they invited five of those bands to brew their own signature suds to serve. From American Party Machine's Fireball cinnamon whiskey-inspired red ale to Fat Night's hibiscus-infused pale ale, the variety of brews gave the festival a little extra local love that we hope to see replicated again.

Best Bloody Mary

1. The Hammered Lamb,

2. Dexter's,

3. Maxine's on Shine,

Best Breakfast

1. Keke's Breakfast Cafe,

2. Se7en Bites,

3. Briar Patch,

Best Brunch

1. Santiago's Bodega,

2. Briar Patch,

3. Se7en Bites,

Best Burger

1. Teak Neighborhood Grill,

2. Graffiti Junktion,

3. Beth's Burger Bar,

Best Caribbean Restaurant

1. DaJen Eats,

2. Caribbean Sunshine Bakery,

3. Golden Krust,

Best Cheap Eats

1. Gringos Locos,

2. Black Bean Deli,

3. Yellow Dog Eats,