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Best Underrated Viral Comedian: LeJuan James

Best Underrated Viral Comedian

LeJuan James

Back in 2013, budding Kissimmee comedian Juan Atiles started making viral clips online under the name LeJuan James, imitating the "sin pelos en la lengua" sayings yelled at him by his Puerto Rican father and Dominican mother. The videos rang true for anyone growing up in a Latino household, and LeJuan quickly became a social media star in the Spanish-speaking world, gaining over 5 million followers across Facebook, Instagram and other social media platforms. He's gotten partnerships with companies like T-Mobile, Florida Hospital and Disney – he even played the "abuela" character in Camila Cabello's "Havana" music video. Still, he keeps a pretty low-key profile in his daily life in downtown Orlando, which sounds like the best of both worlds.