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Best Run of Bad Luck: WPRK 91.5-FM

Best Run of Bad Luck

WPRK 91.5-FM

First Hurricane Irma knocked down the antenna tower of the student-run station at Rollins College (the oldest radio station in the state of Florida), cutting out their terrestrial broadcast. Then they got the bad news that because the building the tower lived on was scheduled for renovation, the college faculty would not approve remounting the tower just to take it down again three months later. After months of hard work, the WPRK staff and Rollins engineers managed to find a new site for the transmitter ... only to discover that a pair of bald eagles had decided to nest there and couldn't legally be disturbed. (Mother Nature can be a real jerk sometimes, eh?) After the volunteers appointed by the Audubon Center for Birds of Prey finally confirmed that the nesting pair had vacated, station staff got back to work ... and on the very day of our print deadline (Friday, Aug. 17), we were rewarded with the sweet return of WPRK to our car radio.