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Best Starbucks-Style Beer Ordering: GB's Bottle Shop and Tasting Bar

Best Starbucks-Style Beer Ordering

GB's Bottle Shop and Tasting Bar

531 Virginia Drive


It's a sister to the Gnarly Barley, Belle Isle's laid-back, cabin-y gathering of the craft beer tribes, but the vibe is totally different. This is a clean, minimal temple to high-end brews, and the white subway-tiled tap wall, with its current offerings scrawled upon, is reminiscent of a third-wave coffee shop where the microroast of the day is advertised. Also playing to the coffee connection, you can order each of those beers in 5-ounce, 9-ounce or 1-pint pours (or 16- or 32-ounce growlers). Now that's a Venti we can get behind.