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Best Secret Show: Ho99o9

Best Secret Show


June 9, 2017

Hip-hop firebrands Ho99o9 aren't from here. But their manager, Mike Feinberg, is. And it's his Promethean handiwork that brought one of the most internationally and intensely hyped underground bands right now to town in a happening that packed more intrigue, sensation and revelation than the city's seen in years. Although the date was announced months in advance, the actual location of the secret rendezvous wasn't revealed until the day of, and it was at a club that didn't exist yet (and still doesn't). The result was a winding nocturnal journey following cryptic signs through a parking lot, past a fence break, down a long walkway, up to a back entrance and into a buzzing crowd that erupted in hysteria when the rap-punk juggernaut hit the stage. It was all a reminder of the difference between a show and an event.