Best Of 2017

Best Sade 2017: DVWEZ at Femme Hop

Best Sade 2017

DVWEZ at Femme Hop

April 28, 2017

The carefully curated Always Nothing Femme Hop had already been a success with rousing sets from Tiger Fawn and TIME, but the final portion of the event moved outside and suddenly became downright celestial. DVWEZ (Gainesville-via-Orlando's Delia Albert) took the stage flanked by a drummer, but it wasn't just any stage. She played her set within a translucent cube of light more suited to Gary Numan at his most neo-futuristic, upon which a kaleidoscope of colors and images were projected and within which she sang and played guitar and synthesizer. Which, honestly, might be gimmicky if not for the stark sonic evidence that DVWEZ has pop smarts and an enigmatic, future-forward take on R&B and torch songs that puts her up there with the queen of all she surveys, Sade. DWVEZ creates cryptic, prismatic love songs that simmer and nod and soothe broken hearts – watching her produce pretty much goddamn every note of her set made us believers.